Saturday, May 17, 2014

May foliage and blooms (and feline tragedies)

Cheerful sights..

Indian blanket and Black Eyed susans..

Snippets of Bulbine that survived the late spring freeze, Jerusalem Sage, more firewheels and Black Eyed Susans, thriving in the sun drenched back back

Dallas Red lantana (or was it switched at birth with a Confetti?). No worries, it's cheerful in the new front bed

Volunteer sunflowers everywhere- this one hiding in it's textured leaves..

Frost nipped succulents settling in for a happy summer

Proof we had at least one huge storm!

Successes and failures..

I built a low gate across the driveway and planned to grow chard in the front bed. Alas, it lasted exactly a week...

Chicken carnage..

At least the acorn squash plant seems happy- grow little guy, grow!

Finally, requisite chicken pics of the girls posing on the (shuttered for the season) firepit and literally eating out of my hand. The final pic shows the down side of Jewel being back- a double homicide of mouse and bird.. despite a big honking bell on her collar. Will add more bells when I get a chance to buy them...

My wannabe chicken whisperer..

Bluejay on the right, decapitated mouse head (plus front paws) on the left. Of course, as I typed this I saw a puff of feathers on the front porch out of the corner of my eye. Her brother Toby was the culprit (though the bird got away). Hmm.. maybe I've got a bell on the wrong collar....