Friday, April 15, 2016

Bloom Day

What a gorgeous time of year to look at garden blooms. Here's what's in my garden right now- it's fun to see that most are native and all are tough!

The natives include...

Square bud primrose

Evening primrose

Blackfoot daisies

Completely volunteer lantana

Echinacea- first bloom! I have many volunteers in the front waiting to bloom.

Scrappy allium with delicate flowers

Winecups- my favorite wildflower

The bees are still loving my salvia greggi

The coral honeysuckle is no longer flushed with blooms, but a few are still attracting bees

As for my non-natives- they seem to lean towards red..

Unnamed hibiscus blooming happily in the front bed

The pomegranate I planted last spring is filling out

Not red, but sweet smelling and promising of bounty is this pomelo bloom

Thanks to  Carol at for hosting this Gardener's Bloom Day!