Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flash of color..

Passionflower vine, looking like a Mardi Gras costume.. I actually don't know if this larger one bears fruit- I have a smaller leaved vine that grows amid my oregano and coral honeysuckle that puts out bright red tiny passionfruits. They are smaller than the ones I grew up eating in El Salvador (we called them grenadillas). The Salvadoran ones were sized like small maracas and we'd sit around the dining table scooping out their sweet tart seeds with spoons.. My youngest likes to eat the ones we have here (as do the birds, which is probably why I have so many volunteers!). I'll be curious to see if the chickens like them, too...

Speaking of which..

Psst.. the chicken lady let us out this evening. We loved the worms we found, but got spooked by that big Silver Wyandotte head chicken that pecked at us a few times..