Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy rainy day..

One wide-angle view of the back (slowly slowly converting grass into beds). The half-mulched bed is my latest project. I managed to get the remaining grass out, weed-block fabric and mulch down before getting too muddy today. That gives me time to get some water-friendlier ground covers and plants in in the next few months so they can set roots down before summer. I'll have fun browsing all the local gardeners sites and blogs to get inspiration :)

I was so busy from Oct-Dec that I didn't plant much winter color. My new raised veggie bed (repurposed from my son's forgotten sand-box) and a few chard and broccoli seeds I threw out in late fall have some spots of color though. I've had to create wire fortresses to keep the girls from eating them..

They are equal opportunity grazers, eating salvias, fennel, plumbago, mints and garlic chives to the nib. They've left my winecups and re-located rock rose alone though.

My younger chickens (Pumpkin above and Walnut below) are getting large. Their combs are starting to get red, which makes me wonder if I'll be getting blue eggs in the next months or so.

Ruby has started laying again, despite looking mad and wet.

And when the rain started coming down heavily I worked on a baby shower present (it seems someone is always pregnant at work!). I'm still missing a second sock (and the sweater needs cute buttons). I always avoid grown up projects (scarves, shawls, sweaters) because they take too long. My poor kids only get  hats from me since I only took up knitting after their baby years- oh well!