Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Blooms!

Thanks to Carol at http://www.maydreamsgardens.com for hosting Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. My natives have enjoyed the rain with many blooms:

Purple and white coneflowers in the dry back

My standing cypress and common sunflowers are taller than I am! Each year I plan to weed out some of the sunflowers since they take up so much room but they are so cheerful and easy that I always end up leaving them.

Turk's cap

Butterfly weed hoping to attract monarchs!

Volunteer passionflower vines that popped up near a convenient trellis (a handrail for my steps!). The vines are covered in Gulf Frittillary caterpillars in various stages- it is fun to watch the "nursery" in action.

Coral honeysuckle coming back after its huge spring bloom. I watched a hummingbird happily flit from this to my Peter's Purple Monarda multiple times this afternoon.

Society garlic- protected from the chickens (they think it's tasty..).

A Pride of Barbados bloom in the front. They are not native to Texas but they perform beautifully in dry sunny conditions.

Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!