Saturday, April 11, 2015

Garden potpourii

Wide angle from the back

Wide angle of the front

Happy things:

Ghost plant thriving in neglect

New potted aloe throwing up flowers

Amazing smells from my sweet peas

Damianita and an agave pup

My first long lasting gaura!

Lavender in the dry bed sending up subtle blooms

Ignored horseherb thriving in a neglected dry bed along the house

Alongside it this.. which someday I'll identify but like it's cheerful sturdy yellow blooms

Why did I throw away the plant ID tags? Not sure if this is a sweet pepper or jalapeno!

Ooh, ooh, first tomato of the season!

Fruits on the hand-me down pummelo plant..

A new iris ("Batik" I think) 

Hand-me down iris from the house my husband grew up in (now demolished..)

These have become....

despite the chickens..

Munching on broccoli..

At least they give me these!

No eggs from this guy, seen on a neighborhood walk in the recent wonderful rain..