Monday, May 16, 2016

Blooms and foliage

I have a little of both brightening up the garden this month. Thanks to Carol at for hosting Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.

My bearded iris finished blooming a few weeks ago but was lovely to see while it was out. My winecups are my favorite wildflower. I think they make a beautiful groundcover, particularly since the foliage remains throughout the year.

A few of the pink flowers that I have include coneflowers that are spreading happily in the front, my cenizo blooms that follow rains, and a rock rose purslane filling out in a pot.

I have been removing these little plants from my crushed granite driveway for years but am now transplanting them to the shady part of my back garden. I believe they are a type of golden grounsel.

These variegated flax lillies are new as I fill in areas that are recovering from my (formerly free range) chickens. They have little yellow and purple blooms in addition to bright foliage that lightens up their corner.

My success with blackfoot daisies is mixed- some explode and bloom vigorously like this one, others not so much. 

I have a new jerusalem sage to pick up the yellow from surrounding plants (like the agave behind it). They can grow quite large so I've given it room to expand.

Wildflower vignette- fleabane, yellow somethings from a seed packet and horseherb that has snuck in.

Speaking of horseherb I've decided to take advantage and use it as groundcover in the areas where my buffalo grass won't grow. I have plenty of stray plants of it to transplant- this one was formerly in a walkway.

I believe I need to trim the salvia greggi back a bit to give the four nerve daisies (the bright yellow flowers leaning over) room to stand up.

What do you do with amaryllis bulbs that you think are done after blooming inside? Toss them in the rosemary bed and watch them pop up as a spring surprise.

The turks cap in the front has started attracting hummingbirds. It is mixed with white mistflower that blooms later.

The primary bloomer in the back back area right now are multiple tropical salvias that spread everywhere. They get ragged quickly but attract so many butterflies, bees and wasps (like the one above) that I keep them. I just mow through the middle to keep a walkway.

Finally, these succulents are not blooming but have a beautiful flower pattern anyway. This was a mother's day present for my mom this year.

Happy spring everyone!