Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday!

These were taken before and after the rains over the last few weeks. It's been wonderful to spot butterflies everywhere I look. I was happy to spot a yellow swallowtail and a Monarch visiting my Peter's purple monarda this morning, but they floated away before I could get a picture. Down at the coast during Memorial Day the plants were swarming with swallowtails, sulfurs and fritillaries, taking their opportunities to get nectar between rainstorms.

Gulf Fritillaries playing tag at the Natural Gardener

Black swallowtail in their butterfly garden

A Red Admiral

I think this is a Silver Spotted Skipper

At home the bugs have been peskier..

This milkweed leaf beetle laid eggs that decimated the plant despite my daily picking and squashing...

I think this katydid was pretty harmless

This Hentz jumping spider dropped onto me and acted ferocious despite being tiny. I brushed him into the grass..

I fed this common looper moth caterpillar on my basil to the chickens..

And this garden spider has happily taken residence in my gaura- I hope it catches some mosquitoes!

Thanks to Tina at for hosting!