Monday, May 25, 2015

Mammatus clouds

They can be harbingers of coming storms or extreme weather. They are uncommon (my husband was excited to spot them) and are shaped by shear forces and sharp gradients. This evening though I think they made a beautiful contrast in the fading orange light, after the violent showers and lightning of the day. During the afternoon tornado watches I was glad to be snug at work deep inside a large hospital. Once I was home (slogging through waterlogged roads) I was grateful to gather my family around me, safe and sound. 
What a Memorial Day- memories of the 1981 flood (we'd barely moved to a smaller Austin back then) mixed with hopes and worries for those in the larger community that have been affected by the current rains. With a background of thanks for those who served and still serve..
I hope everyone stays safe out there!