Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lost and found

Gone for two months, wandered 10 miles, across IH35. Found this afternoon, back in the family fold this evening. I'm glad for her microchip, hope she and her cat sibling can be peaceful (their friendly greeting licks and sniffs are promising). Her temporary "mom" (fed her for a while but rathered not keep her because her husband is allergic to cats) said she was a "good hunter". I plan go keep her indoors for that and many reasons: how will she do with the chickens, will she run away again, etc. She's thin but sleek, curling up with abandon, definitely not hiding under the bed...

Pumpkin blossoms..

Salad next month? The chickens have trampled my other carrots but these in a pot are going strong, along with happy chard.

Go green beans! Wild and joyful.

The back back is greening up, with volunteer indian blanket along the Mexican wire grass, bluebonnets, poppies, lambs ear, silver ponyfoot, yarrow and bulbine. Even a bit of buffalo grass is taking hold in the bare pathway..

My treat for this fall up front- waiting for the fall asters and Mexican mint marigold (top picture) and santolina (bottom pic) to fill out and bloom in Sept-Oct with cheerful yellows and purple..

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