Friday, May 9, 2014

Win a few, lose a few..

Hardy hibiscus that's been in the front bed since we moved in. It puts out large red flowers and grows happily with benign neglect..

Unhappily, the chickens have discovered my potted veggies, and devoured the chard and are pulling up my carrots as quickly as possible. I'll rig up some barrier wire tomorrow, but sure hope their eggs are tasty and worth it!!

Replacement chard- I put it in the front yard (where they cannot go). Not the same as growing your own from seed, though!

My narrow leaf senna bush is coming back!! I'd stalled on pulling it up and am glad that I did, even though it feels late. It's a great butterfly plant and will give the back back beds some height..

The Indian Blankets are about to explode in the back back, which makes up for the paltry bluebonnets this spring.


skateboard tableau

Yarrow peeking out

Friendly Gaillardia pulchella

My Meyer lemon blossoms smell amazing. 

Poppy seed heads

Black-eyed susan in the works? I'll know soon..

Houdini amid the Carolina snailseed. I've decided to train it to grow on trellises since it is rampant in the back corner anyway.

Dottie my vegetarian. I think she is the likely culprit for the chard destruction. The other hens dig for worms, she motors thru the greens happily, keeping my grass trim and the clover without leaves. It's a balance, I guess.

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