Friday, June 27, 2014

Teenagers out past curfew...

Chicken adventures this week: Silverwing and Houdini wandered off yesterday morning. I found them pecking at the grass in our back neighbor's yard in the evening when I got back from work.  I scooped up Houdini fairly easily but Silverwing ran off for the night. Now, we live in an urban area, but we have foxes, raccoons and coyotes in nearby creeks, so I went to bed worried she'd become a tasty meal while roosting in a tree that night. Just yesterday morning we caught and released a grungy possum that wandered into our back yard (and trapped himself in a milk crate we used as a nesting box)..

We got up this morning and she was still gone. I poked my head over the fence and called but saw nothing.. I went home for lunch and spied Silverwing back in the neighbor's yard. I wound up climbing, cajoling and scrambling to catch her as she flew around- even roping in a nearby electrician into helping out! He ended up grabbing her by the wing 10 feet up a tree... When I brought her back to the yard she sauntered around like nothing had happened- teenagers!

I went back to work with grass stains in my khaki's and promptly bought extra chicken wire to make the driveway fence taller... No more escaping curfew for my girls!

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