Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birds with no name..

Americaunas or Easter Eggers? When I can get my kids to focus, I'll give them names. It was a Craigslist thing, finding bantams that lay blue eggs. I couldn't help myself. These are the last ones, I swear..

Foliage follow up- Buffalo grass is established in the xeriscape back. This picture is after weeding and trimming for all of a Sunday afternoon! My Mexican plums are thumbnail sized- what will they taste like? And can I remember what name of Texas sage this is??


  1. First off kudos for getting your weeding and trimming done. I can't get on top of mine this season, but onwards, right? Also? The colors in your post today are delectable. Thumbnail sized or no, your plums LOOK delicious. I want a room painted that color with accents of the sage's hot pink. Sooooo nice.

    1. Thanks! And I wouldn't say the weeding is done... just done for now :)