Saturday, August 16, 2014

Here and there..

Back from a trip to Alaska, all rain, moss and salt water... In Austin the yard is scorched, but I can still find spots of green and color. The big coop is complete, and more ladies are laying, leading to breakfast yumminess..


Glaciers in the distance in Resurrection Bay

Watching salmon jump upstream in the Russian River

Snacking on salmon caught and smoked by my father-in-law at a campfire in Homer..

Lakeside marshlands..

Moss on a car- results of the temperate rain forest..

Moss and texture

Wild fungi everywhere

Driftwood puzzles..


Cenizo blooms holding on a bit longer..

Geranium and transplanted pineapple top brighting up the shade

Ignored and in a dry box of afternoon light, this flame acanthus is stubborn and resilient (will plant a drift of them in the ground this fall..)

The back of the addition which has transitioned from bare post-contruction dust, to wildflower haven, and now an arid buffalo and wire grass corner..

Succulents peeking out from an asparagus plant..


Kudos to variety- eggs from my Cuckoo Maran, Catalana, Wyandotte and English Sussex

Speckled egg from a speckled hen?


  1. Great photos! The salmon stream looks spectacular.

  2. That moss on the car shot says so much. Especially when juxtaposed with the photos of your home shots of blooms hanging on through the heat. A wonderful reminder that plants must be resilient in all sorts of different ways, depending on where they grow (or try to). As I tire of the dry heat here I recall visiting friends in a cool wet climate who complained they were exhausted by how everything stayed moist and molded at the drop of a hat.

    Loving the varied eggs you are getting. They at least look like they ought to taste different!