Friday, November 7, 2014

A little envy is ok...

Neighborhood pomegranate tree.. This is not the first time I've admired them and wondered just where in my garden I could place one. They handle the heat well, but can get quite big and bushy. But look at those fruits! I'm sure there's an area of grass that could be replaced with a circular bed with one of these as a focal point..

The rain has awakened a few seeds in my front bed. I'm hoping to see drifts of bluebonnets, winecups, evening primroses and coneflowers in the mulched areas this spring. Here and there I see hints..

The guy above is my lone early bird who popped up a few weeks ago..

In the meantime the local blooms have simmered down (except the Mexican mint marigold which smells delicious and keeps putting out cheerful yellows). My zinnias, started from a casually thrown seed packet, have brightened up again since the peak of summer faded in September. I'm enjoying their old-rose color in the fall light..

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  1. I hope you'll make that spot for pom trees all your own. There are smaller varieties, I have two, and they provide visual interest year 'round even when they don't bear much fruit. Meanwhile, Yay for wildflower babies. I can't wait to see the drifts you described - it sounds like your Spring will be a beautiful one!