Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nature takes her course..

Silver linings to the freeze:

So many options for these pretty green tomatoes: make chutney, fry them, grill them, pickle them, make tomato pie.. I'm leaning towards frying.

Picking these up all over the yard- fall treats..

Lastly I get time to knit for the impending babies due to my co-workers. We have two sets of twins coming in December, so I'm sticking to cute hats combined with sleepers and books. Hats are the perfect project for me right now- easy on, quick to complete (and very cute!).


  1. Absolutely adorable. Those twins will not suffer from chilly noggins and will be stylin' no matter the weather.

    As to your green tomatoes - take a look at Mark Bittman's tomato cobbler. I made it with green tomatoes earlier this year and it was a real hit!

  2. mmm fried green tomatoes ...
    Very cute hats =)