Monday, December 22, 2014

Bits here and there

I have new neighbors across the street. They hired a sweet father/son duo to take up the sycamore leaves and I managed to greet them and hire them too for a one time yard clean up. "Cuanto cobran?" I asked the dad and he simply answered "cuanto nos paga?". We are lucky people to live where we do, and have what we do. I paid him 20% more than we agreed upon and my yard is spotless and beautiful. I wished him a "Feliz Navidad"...

I've been away working and on travels. Doing work in Guatemala with children who couldn't get medical care otherwise, gorgeous and sweet. I'm pretty non-religious but the Shalom foundation did a good job working with the Dell Childrens Surgical Outreach group to help over 60 kids. Five busy clinical days followed by a brief stay in Antigua which was a wonderful break. I thought about snapping a million pictures but settled on soaking it in and being present. The few pictures I took are funny comments on plants that I think could only live in Austin and thrive (so much better!) down there..
That is an Esperanza bush (or Yellow Bells) in the ruins of an old monastery. No shrub, it has grown into glorious tree status..

Back at home the chickens keep laying (see my former neighbor hugging my Houdini),

and the holidays are in full swing (see my  blurry multi-color tree).

My eldest snuggled with me a few nights ago and out of the blue commented that he was thankful he was healthy and 'all his body parts worked'. Such a funny, odd (and wise!) comment. It reminds me to be deeply grateful for my nest and my chicks (human and otherwise). May everyone have a rich winter holiday, full of love and connection!


  1. So lovely, wishing you health and happiness.

  2. Better late than never I hope - Happiest Holiday season to you and yours as well. Wishing for you all to have a healthy, peace filled and prosperous New Year!