Sunday, January 18, 2015


I confess- I'm glad the recent freezes have finally come. I need the seasonal reminder, the ok for my careworn plants to turn brown before renewing in the spring. I can even see some enterprising beginnings already..

Tonally correct Turks Cap..

Well hello ambitious Mystic Spires salvia..

This santolina is finally spreading out after hunkering down all summer after transplanting.

Gaura blooms, unfazed

Oh dear coneflower.. you are out of season, but welcome anyways

The rosemary is blooming its small lavender flowers to the delight of a dozen bees

Baby Autumn Joy sedums are rising from the roots of a frozen stem

Toby is blissful to have a warm-ish day to sit on his porch pillow and sniff the air..


  1. Toby is quite handsome. Our indoor cats spent a little time on the front porch yesterday in the sunshine and their sides were heaving they were sniffing so hard. At that time I noticed our rosemary covered with bees and was deeply happy to have flowers on offer for pollinators this time of year when not a lot else is blooming. Other than your Gaura that is - wow! I had Gaura that floundered in front beds years ago - can't recall if it was an issue of sun or deer, but seeing yours I'm thinking I ought to try again. "Tonally correct Turk's Cap". Perfection.

  2. Gaura is tricky- this is the first one I've planted that hasn't faded quickly (some unknowable combination of location and light I'm sure!).

  3. Toby is a magnificent beast. Thanks for sharing your hints of spring.

  4. Nice harbingers of things to come. I never have many blooms on my otherwise healthy rosemary, so I enjoy seeing other gardeners' pretty blue flowers. And I gave up on gaura--I just can't grow it--blast!

    Toby is a lovely ginger-kitty!