Saturday, February 7, 2015


Pondering my To-Do list..
- trim trim trim the plants back
- chase my chickens back across the fence (they've been hooligans this week)
- mulch
- plant ...things now so they can get established! This counts dwarf pomegranate bushes, Mexican feather grass.. Those plants that can tolerate a freeze or two 
- weed
- fire in the fire pit?
- wait, keep knitting the sweater I started..

Low on my list is work emails :)

My hooligan chickens are busy, too. I proudly announce that for the first time ever, all my grown up ladies seem to be laying eggs! The three juvenile Americaunas are still too young, so they get to keep mooching off of me :)

I hope everyone enjoys the gorgeous day!

1 comment:

  1. Let's hear it for the grown ups! I am taking a break from the loveliness (out pruning and trimming and transplanting and...) and was happy to see your gorgeous knitting project and your eggs. Seems like all the grown ladies in your vicinity are getting it done.