Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garden blooming and buzzing!

I'll admit, I scare off the birds in my yard when I go outside. Cardinals, wrens, chickadees, doves, blue jays and grackles all vanish from my feeders and bushes when I bring out my camera. But the bees are cooperating (a little) better this spring. My wisteria and mountain laurel have settled down but my salvias and coral honeysuckle keep putting on a show that everyone seems to enjoy..

Honeybee holding still. 

I cleared out the oregano and passionflower vines and this red salvia (autumn sage if I remember) has doubled in size. You can't see the buzzing all around it from this far..

Fat bumblebee holding still

This is a Biergarden culinary sage- not native, but that hasn't stopped the honeybees..

I caught the other flowers on their own, but have enjoyed their colors..

Dutch irises coming back faithfully in the front with surrounding volunteer oaklets I need to pull and a chili piquin waking up for the season to the right

Red poppies in the back

A blurred explosion of Old Gay Hill roses in a dry spot in the back

Blackfoot daisies (tasty to the chickens so protected unfortunately)

Allium flowers that pop up in the front

Not big yet, but I'm celebrating my first pomegranate bloom.

Purple sweet peas amid colorful chard (need to get around to eating it soon!)

I hope everyone enjoys their Gardener's Bloom Day hosted by Carol at! I love seeing what is blooming in everyone's yards this time of year.


  1. Great looking blooms! I'm jealous of your pomegranate. I planted a tree last fall and it has slowly started to put out some foliage in the last week. I wonder if it will even bloom this year. Happy GBBD!

    1. Thanks! Your irises are amazing this spring- thanks for sharing pics of them!

  2. So many lovely colors and you clearly have the Bee Seal of Approval. I never knew culinary sage plants bloomed and suddenly all around Central Texas they are throwing out light purple flowers like crazy. And those delicate allium flowers.... What an unexpected treat! Happy April!

    1. It must a great year for blooming sages because I've never seen them bloom before either! Happy April indeed!