Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Blooms!

Thanks to Carol at http://www.maydreamsgardens.com for hosting Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. My natives have enjoyed the rain with many blooms:

Purple and white coneflowers in the dry back

My standing cypress and common sunflowers are taller than I am! Each year I plan to weed out some of the sunflowers since they take up so much room but they are so cheerful and easy that I always end up leaving them.

Turk's cap

Butterfly weed hoping to attract monarchs!

Volunteer passionflower vines that popped up near a convenient trellis (a handrail for my steps!). The vines are covered in Gulf Frittillary caterpillars in various stages- it is fun to watch the "nursery" in action.

Coral honeysuckle coming back after its huge spring bloom. I watched a hummingbird happily flit from this to my Peter's Purple Monarda multiple times this afternoon.

Society garlic- protected from the chickens (they think it's tasty..).

A Pride of Barbados bloom in the front. They are not native to Texas but they perform beautifully in dry sunny conditions.

Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!


  1. And such happy blooms they are! I've never been successful with society garlic and it's such a pretty bloom. I love your passionflower. I have some, but they're all the caerulea, not that lovely purple fella. The butterfly weed is looking great; I have the tropical, not the native--good for you for growing it! Happy June blooms!

  2. You have a lot to love here. I need to find a spot and try again for tall sunflowers. They bring me right back to being a child in my aunt's huge gardens - a feeling of being so small among so many large thriving plants. It was always a wonderland in her gardens and in my own garden, working as an "adult" I get lost in the responsibilities and sometimes lose the joy.

  3. What a pretty collection! I love the native sunflowers. They really do seem full of cheer. And I must confess to some butterfly weed envy. 6 years later I still wait for mine to bloom. Every year they get eaten to the ground ... heh ...

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