Friday, March 4, 2016

Wide angles, blooms and bugs..

Yellow irises blooming..

Mexican plum quickly putting out leaves

Blooms from the cherry laurel

and mountain laurel

Homestead verbena spreading far and wide

Henry Duelberg salvia happy to have skipped winter

Volunteer tropical sage is brittle (when I rake branches break off easily) but rebounds and self seeds elsewhere easily... Don't plant if you want it to stay put..

Sages, coral honeysuckle and 4 nerve daisies aglow


Less welcome aphids on a native Texas milkweed. Waiting for lady bugs to clean up..


  1. I'm so impressed with that native milkweed. I've had zero luck starting them here from seed or even with transplants. Those aphids look so fat and happy - I'm betting something has shown up to feast on them by now.

    Your purples, reds and yellows really pop, early or no. I'm determined to enjoy the colors for as long as they last and not even think about what this mild winter might telegraph about our summer temps this year! Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks! I had a few lady bugs get at the aphids, but they flew away.. The milkweeds are doing well regardless! I got these two at the Natural Gardener when they (briefly) had them- I hope they settle in and thrive :)

      Happy Spring to you as well!