Saturday, May 14, 2016


2014- St Augustine in spring, before grubs and drought. Not much else for butterflies or birds

Water stressed grass, yellow spots and grub damage starting

2015 - Carving out beds in winter (and widening walkways) to reduce watering

Ombre colors.. not by choice 

2016- After removing all the St Augustine (which was brown and shriveled anyways)

6 weeks after seeding native grasses (Thunderturf- buffalo grass, curly mesquite and blue gramma). Still patchy, but the side beds are full of native or xeriscape plants and abuzz in butterflies and bees. Much less monotonous than the (admittedly lush and green) first pic!

Globe mallow near texas milkweed, homestead verbena and scattered wildflowers

Mint and culinary sage in the herb corner

Hungry swallowtail caterpillars

Winecups spreading far and wide

Lantana, homestead verbena amid wildflowers filling in from a seed packet

mystery wildflower awaiting unfurling..


  1. Great improvement. The wildlife seem to love the change. Although not as lush, native grasses really are their own type of beautiful. I love the diversity.

    1. Thanks- I thought I had some wildlife before the changes but have noticed an amazing difference afterwards. Buzzing and fluttering everywhere- fun to watch!

  2. That's a great transformation! It always seems to go so slow but before you know it the time passes and the look back makes it seem fast!