Friday, May 12, 2017

May flowers

I don't remember throwing wildflower seeds out last fall- but I must have. The angle and light in the yard favors Indian blankets and purple horsemint - I can throw gallons of bluebonnet seeds and few pop up. I wasn't sure what the weeds were when they popped up this spring but decided to mow around them and am glad I did!

I also have volunteer Engleman daisies and brown eyed Susans bringing cheer.

The seeded natives grow easily and without much help. Other (more 'on purpose') plants that are doing well are my Peters Purple monarda, Jerusalem sage mixed with four o'clock daisies and red salvia, and a packet of zinnia seeds filling in a spot that opened after my coral honeysuckle received a massive pruning..

The flowers attract native bees and butterflies, making sitting outside fun..

Up front the lantana is waking up and filling in, attracting a katydid this morning.

 My tomatoes seem less vigorous this year (maybe not enough compost in the bed? Or I should move them to a different spot to rest the soil next year..). The small ones are starting to ripen though which makes for good snacking.

And my two year old pomegranate tree has three fruits growing. I'm hoping the squirrels leave them alone- my boys love the seeds!

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