Thursday, March 20, 2014

The dreaded bamboo tries to sneak back...

Bamboo ninja: This guy looks so small, only about 10 inches up, leaves not unfurled, smaller partner in crime lurking 4 inches tall right next to it. Hopefully he's the last of the bamboo stragglers stranded on this side of the concrete. I'm usually into organic gardening, using vinegar and handpulling to deal with weeds, but with this stuff I have some RoundUp ready once it uses it's energy to put out it's leaves. Then I'll dig as far as I can go and lay hard dry stones on top. Luckily it popped up night near a fence doorway/walkway area, so I can also avoid watering anywhere around it (if I can't poison it or chop it up, I'll starve it out!!)

In happier news..

Ruby the Wyandotte chicken as I move her from the tractor to her coop. She's mellowed, which I hope means she's grown to like me, not that she's sick or anything..

The boys on the new lounge chairs, with the fire bowl now assembled. I'm waiting for the weekend and an evening at least under 60 degrees to have a little fire.

Wide angle view..

The front of the house still has a good amount of grass, but I'm glad that I've been carving out xeriscape beds steadily. The sloping bed was done about 6 years ago, and the rosemary exploded from a 4 inch pot to crowding out everything in a 5 foot radius. The Mexican feathergrass self seeds and moves around, and is interspersed with bearded irises rescued when the lot across the street was going to be bulldozed for a new house. 
The retaining wall was done about two years ago and I'm still tinkering with plants (it's shady on the far edge so I have a competition between cedar sage, Turks cap and mistflower to see which one will do the best. The Turks cap has performed the best so far.. 
The gopher plant has great flowers and seems pretty happy in mixed sun/shade..

The brief bloom of the rescued irises. I moved them around a bunch looking for the right spot (that they wouldn't get trampled on) and they are tough plants, growing well pretty much everywhere..

The coral honeysuckle is about to burst into bloom..

My redbud never blooms very profusely (I have to get a close up to see much)- at some point I'll research why some trees in the area practically tip over with flowers and others (like mine) have better foliage than flowers..

One more day until another busy weekend.. I'm looking forward to an inaugural fire in the fire bowl, soccer games, and trying to let the chickens free range for a while (with the cat in the house and us supervising, and not during the fire!).

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