Sunday, March 23, 2014

Windy, grey and cool...

The damp in the air reminded me that it was only March this morning. I changed out of capris back into long comfy jeans and spent the morning at the grocery store instead of pulling weeds. It warmed up a touch by the time I got back, and Carl and the kids played out back for a while. The chickens got to wander freely for the last two days, but surprised me by spending half the day in their chicken tractor by choice. Funny birds.. They've become pretty tame, and when some family friends came over, they let the youngest daughter mother them incessantly all afternoon.

I finally got around to planting the remaining mexican feathergrass and silver ponyfoot this afternoon, then spread some Native American Seed buffalo grass seeds along the paver pathway in the back. I raked them in as best I could, but it may be patchy, especially since I'm not sure exactly how much sun the area will get. Que sera, sera. If the weeds can try to pop up, some of the buffalo grass should make it!

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