Sunday, April 20, 2014

Brief snippets

Gorgeous old dog in an old Ford. Decidedly not cute, not friendly (growled menacingly at me as I got in my car next to him) but absolutely dignified...

Colorful Mulch

 Cascarones brought out the kid in my extended family today (photos by my talented 16 y/o niece). Everyone joined in and left paper jewels sparkling on my porch and my yard...

Chicken Drama:

A shift in power.. Silverwing (with her head ducked in the food) stared down sweet Ruby, who is older but less pugnacious.  Dottie (below, watching Silverwing eat) wandered into Ruby's coop, and I decided to keep those two together for now- the two loners.. see if they bond..

1 comment:

  1. Nothing better than old dignified dog;) The confetti in the Cascarones made for some beautiful photography shots!