Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter prep...

Last minute scramble to find last year's plastic eggs for the youngest's daycare. Class Easter egg hunt tomorrow, every family needs to bring 10 eggs. I use left over Valentine's Day kisses and some foil wrapped chocolate daisies to add to the slivers of stickers in the eggs. Perfectly respectable..

For my eldest he casually mentions that he needs an egg with the yolk taken out to decorate tomorrow. When he sees we have four eggs total, he asks for them all. I use two yolks to make blueberry muffins (I can smell them baking as I type) and place the other two in a container for my breakfast tomorrow.

My dining table looks festive, with the real brown and speckled eggs drying in their cardboard carton and the brightly colored plastic eggs tucked into a decorative bag.

No eggs from my chickens yet- Ruby the eldest is a few weeks away I think. The youngsters are growing rapidly, happily perched three abreast on their roost tonight.

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