Thursday, April 3, 2014

Everyday treasure..

Soccer in Big Stacy park this evening, roaming packs of the neighborhood children pretend fighting with sticks, climbing trees, having intense conversations in little groups then running off to chase each other. My youngest found two backhoes parked for the night and clambered on them happily.

I hope he didn't change any important setting on all the knobs and controls. "Real" machines are so much more fun than toy machines. They have head sized drill bits and buckets as big as a table. And dirt and grease galore..

The kids have PE in the park, so it's familiar to them. I love the giant oak trees that provide shade (and amazing climbing nooks). At the end of the evening a large cadre of kids ran off to an oak that hung low and long, and all clambered up one after the other. A group of us mothers followed after a while and I heard my 8 year old son and a 10 year old neighbor girl hotly debating which character out of the Percy Jackson books they got to be. It was idyllic, until I noticed the mass of poison ivy at the base of the tree. Oh well- I took the boys home, threw their crocs in the wash and gave them a good bath. They were wearing pants, and really, they'll be fine. A good teaching moment (everyone crowded around saying 'oh, that's what that is!').

This is poison ivy (amid ubiquitous horseherb)

I think about evenings like tonight (kids, friends, park, relaxed play and joy) and I both take them for granted (focusing on bedtime, homework, other things to do) and get nostalgic for them even while they're happening. Like the time my eldest was going to spend the weekend at his grandparents' and I told him I missed him even before he was gone. I should probably work on mindfulness (and I will, I will), but am glad I got some pics of the light through the trees and the kids all together. 

No humidity or mosquitos yet.

And I found a mystery tree, blooms look like a peach but the fruit not quite.. almost walnut-ty. I'll keep an eye out to see what it turns out to be..

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