Sunday, April 6, 2014

... and the IPad gets thrown out the car window..

At 75 miles per hour, down IH35 on the way to San Antonio. This involved endless nagging from my eldest after he lost IPad privileges early in the drive, ultimatums from my husband, then the moment of truth as my husband unrolled the window and tossed his IPad out. We're not usually a dramatic family.. but that was impressive. In principle I'm happy to have less media in our lives and more reason to have the kids playing outside, but I might have picked a different way to make it happen...

On to garden things.. Happy to get April showers the last two days. No time to do any significant work, but I got some bright pictures to add..

Happy moth on wild onions last week. Species unknown..

The big poppies have woken up!

He's got the world in his eyes..

I need to expand the xeriscape bed into that big patch of dead grass. This is the only remaining purple bearded iris from the batch I bought a few years ago. I'm hoping it gets big enough to divide and spread..

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