Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chicken compulsion?

I could not help myself. Ruby (my only chicken old enough to lay) went on a laying strike. Maybe she is molting, maybe it's the heat. But I found some pallets.. and scrap wood.. and missed using my circular saw and drill....

Next thing you know I've built a chicken run ("for when we go on vacation..") and have brought home two more bantams... After all, Ruby is the only mini amidst three amazonian teenagers, and I'm sure she wants company..

This is Blondie.. She's a bantam Catalana, a fairly obscure breed in the US that is apparently popular in Latin America. They do well in the heat and while the breed isn't apparently docile, this girl seems pretty mellow when I pick her up (though she likes to talk!)..

This girl is Iggy Pop- named because of her jutting chest and striking eyes (and swagger!). She's an Old English game bantam, (they used to be bred for fighting but now are bred to be pretty) and is teeny. The breed is apparently very fun and can be docile but I think I'll need to bribe this lady a bunch since she wiggles like crazy when I pick her up..

On their roost in the new aerie (and in quarantine for 10 days before I let them mingle with the other girls). Next crafty project is to decorate the run.. (after I hammer in all the staples holding the hardware cloth in..)

Not to be outdone, Ruby finally laid another egg today- it'd been three weeks! The big girls (due to lay soon!) clustered around her interestedly- maybe I'll be getting some eggs from them soon?

Happy weekend!


  1. Your girls are gorgeous (and I love their names). I didn't know hens wouldn't lay when it gets so hot but I don't blame them a bit. The heat, when it comes, simply requires lifestyle adjustments!

    And...yeah. Now I've got that song stuck in my head, too. Ooof!

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