Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday- watching for the little guys..

Another great idea- a meme focused on noticing the wildlife around us ("getting to know the neighbors" as someone aptly put it). It was started today by Tina at and I've enjoying following everyone's posts!

I looked around on this (hot, sunny, mosquito filled) afternoon and found a few creatures (more on the small side than the great and small side..).  I think most of the wildlife had retreated into the shadows to stay cool!

This Gulf Fritillary caterpillar looked plump and happy as it chewed through a passionflower vine. His spikes are apparently not poisonous, but I don't plan on petting him..

A jumping spider turned around to wave it's tentacles at me (seriously!) as I took it's picture. He's smaller than my fingernail but walks with a healthy attitude..

The neighborhood doves, bluejays, cardinals and grackles love the chicken feeder (and water bowls)..

The other "wildlife" in the yard is acting pretty lazy...

My square foot garden has been renovated into a dust bath..

I re-did the driveway chicken fence and the girls are already plotting their next jail break..

Hopefully tomorrow I'll spot other pretties. I enjoy when they pop up unexpectedly, like these from earlier this spring:

Mini egg (what bird, where, how did they do?), crab spider lurking, spotted butterfly temporarily fluttering inside the chicken tractor, and the (thankfully) few juicy tomato hornworms I fed to the chickens...

Happy gardening everyone!


  1. Yeah, mosquitoes--got those too. :). Your Gulf Fritillary photos are lovely and the chickens, well they're always cute, aren't they. Thanks so much for participating!

  2. The Gulf Fritillary caterpillar is a daunting-looking guy, huh?

    Cool close-up: I've never seen a jumping spider that close before. They have some pretty copper coloring I had never noticed.

    Glad to see that your tomato hornworms met with a just demise. I might just have to adopt a few chickens...

  3. Ha! Tomato hornworm "recycling" - great idea. Can I mail you mine next time? That is such a great shot of the crab spider - they can be hard to find and even harder to capture with the camera. Such good hiders. I think that spotted butterfly is a Question Mark or Polygonia interrogationis.

  4. I LOVE jumping spiders. The first time I saw one in Texas I thought it was a baby tarantula. They have personality times two. Great photos. The Gulf Fritillary caterpillar is amazing.