Saturday, September 6, 2014

Glimmers of recovery (what plants made it through summer..)

Summer winner: Sedum (Autumn Joy I think).. I will propagate more in this bed..

Hints of rain (and mildly cooler temps) and my Gaura, salvia and iceplants perk up in the new bed up front.. I can't wait until next year when they will be more established (except the iceplant which will probably turn to mush in any winter freeze..)

My chile pequin is probably in more shade than it wants, but I'm glad it's decided to give me little flowers- so they can develop into little peppers..

Sturdy garlic chives and rosemary..

At some point I'll identify this plant (that tries to pop up in the back and handles drought pretty well). It's got fuzzy, slightly tacky leaves and looks like it wants to be a scraggly bush...

The "softer"passionflower plant bloom- not showy but turns into bright red little fruits. The more dramatic one (below) never fruits. Both types pop up everywhere in the yard (happily followed by Frittilary butterflies)..

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. Well we've all made it through yet another summer. Sighs of relief and back pats all around. Your survivors are looking happy-happy, especially those passion flowers. I have vines but never see blooms. I don't know how that works but I'm happy to host the butterflies they draw at least. I consider them to be mobile flowers of a sort. Happy Fall!