Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hungry birds

My bird feeder was empty in 5 hours.. The (Caroline vs house) wrens are small but voracious- especially when they line up 15 at a time! At one point a trio of blue jays tumbled through the air, wrestling each other for a treat, then a cardinal swooped in to eat. The doves are a bit big so they hang on the railing and peck at the other birds..

Volunteer flower in the making- one long stately stem.. I'm curious to see what it turns into..

Ironic comment from my husband- "what a great art piece".. It's a found (presumed bovine) hip bone in a chicken cage that is not meant to be artistic- it was just an efficient way to block the chickens from digging into the pot of lettuce seeds I'm trying to grow!

After working far too many days in a row I took to the garden for hours this weekend, raking up sycamore leaves, mowing, and planting new drought tolerant plants like an agave marginata "Opal", diamatina, multiple flame acanthuses (acanthae?!), a black dalea as well as tossing wildflower seeds out there. It's too bad the mosquitoes are everywhere because it's finally tolerable to sit on the porch at dusk and listen to the world outside. I did it anyways, smelling like lemongrass (the "natural" bug spray I use that is only marginally effective). It's luxurious to have a yard, and dirt to dig, and time to do it :)

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  1. Post-gardening tired is the best kind of tired there is, don't you think? It sounds like you've gotten a great start on your spaces and I'm looking forward to seeing your results chronicled here. I was out working this weekend as well and was rapidly absolutely swarmed by mosquitoes. I try to ignore them, I wish they'd ignore me!

    I have no idea what your stately bloom is but love the whorled arrangement of the leaves already. Hope the bloom lives up to the foliage!