Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I love the colors of newly minted spring- trees mixed with light greens and honey colored buds and seeds, fresh new leaves against moist brown bark. It never seems as vibrant once summer heat sets in...

Even my hens have added color into the mix- the middle eggs are from my Americaunas. We've debated- are they green? Blue? Grey?

Native violet, planted years ago, coming back despite construction and neglect..

Tentative leaves from a pomegranate

Stubborn native seed packet successes : standing cypress and goldenrod, bigger and stronger in their second year (standing cypress is a biennial so I expect red flowers this year).

Coral honeysuckle getting ready to burst in orange/red..

I'm loving euphorbia plants- the top for it's chartreuse vividness, the one on the right hand side of the second picture for it's coral reef shape and red colors at the top.

Finally a nondescript mystery tree growing in the back. It's small (smaller than a redbud) and doesn't do much, but it provides a bit of green and shade and height so I've left it alone. No fruit or berries that I've noted. I'll look it up some day when I learn the terminology (leaf shape, bark, etc)..

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  1. Take this with a large dose of salt - I stink at plant ID in general and I'm especially weak with trees but I think you might have a Cherry Laurel shown in the last two photos. If you took a branch end to a nursery the folks there could probably ID it for you. Birds will eat the dried "fruit" and pollinators love the flowers. It is evergreen and makes a nice screen between homes. Nice!