Friday, March 27, 2015

So much promise this time of year!!

I wish I kept bees so I could turn the amazing honey smell of my Wisteria into reality. It is practically vibrating with fat bumblebees..

And the mountain laurels.. of course!

Can I acidify this potted blueberry bush enough to get these flowers to bear fruit? A volunteer red poppy will stand watch.

Fireworks? Pinwheels? Coral honeysuckle in its glory..

From a 4" pot to a sturdy drought tolerant small bush: the Old Gay Hill rose I planted last year has so many ..almost blooms.. It is named after an old Texas homestead where the plant was found growing.

Almost tropical Mexican honeysuckle tucked into lush flat parsley..

Seasonal transition: yaupon holly berries brightening up my waking-up Turks cap..

Off to wander through country roads and see wildflowers this weekend. We are in the sweet spot of the year- I hope everyone is enjoying it!


  1. I hope you'll take your camera along and share the vistas. Conditions seem right for an outstanding display this year. Regardless, hope you enjoy the drive!

  2. Beautiful drives but I think we headed out a week or two early.. Many bluebonnets and not much else for wildflowers. The live oaks are still shedding their leaves and the other deciduous trees haven't greened up as much in the Hill Country as they have in the city. It just means we need to get out again next weekend!