Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer projects..

Despite the rain, another patch of ill-suited St Augustine in my yard has bitten the dust.. Actually, it seemed to have turned to dust even this spring, leading to an ombre effect in the yard that isn't nearly as appealing as it is on fashion items and Pinterest.

So, last week I pulled out my trusty shovel and went to work. The soil was comprised of dried baked dusty clods- so I've dug in good amounts of compost. I ran out of time, though, so it's been left exposed with weed-block fabric and helpful hens spreading piles of mulch. I'm looking forward to filling it in next week with plants designed to thrive in hot dry spots- such as purple homestead verbena and creeping germander with silver ponyfoot. That should combine well with the purple bee balm and gomphrena already in place!

If I didn't mind clashing I'd plant lantanas since they have been popping up all over the yard- some on purpose and some as volunteers. All the volunteers are "Confetti"- they seem to thrive in the driest and rockiest of spots.



As for chicken updates, last year's "girls" are laying and the flock has two more additions (thanks to an irresistable group of chicks at Buck Moore Feeds).

Cheep (they were even on sale..)

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  1. Ha! Those baby faces - who could resist! Always fun to see new chicks and I can't wait to hear their names.

    We get a lot of volunteer lantana and you're right - they do so well here it is hard to maintain discipline and not just let them have their way and claim any old spot.

    Mostly we just let them grow, same for the beauty berry bushes and yaupon volunteers, though I have tried to move them around just a little... If I lose them to transplanting I'm sad but since they were free to begin with, I cope with the disappointment, you know? I admire your color scheme planning. I always try to plan a "look" but the plants always seem to have other ideas. Happy June!