Thursday, March 27, 2014

A day off is a beautiful thing..

Misty in the morning. Warmed up later. Everything is greening up all of a sudden..

Redbud and elm tree in the front yard.

Flowers in the yard include a strawberry from last year that somehow made it thru the drought..

Below it is a fat pumpkin from the compost I used in the bed.. guess it wasn't quite ready for the garden.

I have an arugula salad waiting for me soon, must remember to eat it before it gets warm

The wisteria is flowering, which is beautiful..

The borage is getting ready....

I bought a blueberry plant since Alex asked me for one this morning. It is a ridiculous plant to grow (even in a pot as pictured), since it needs acidic soil and lots of water. I'll try to keep it going, but am aware it is a folly..

On the other hand, these poppy volunteers stranded in the arid crushed granite driveway astound me with their stubborn hardiness. Tiny as they are they still put out flowers which are beautiful in their miniscule way..

As for my "cheap and quick" projects, here is how the air conditioner screen looks..

Noah's school birdhouse..

And the broken birdfeeder filled with yarn scraps for the birds (half gone since I put it put two weeks ago!)

The chickens are convalescing with humidified.. something or other shared with us my a friend with more chicken experience. They have a cold, which might be nothing, or could be the end of them..  The smaller one had her worst day yesterday and was eating and fiestier today. The older one was sickest today..  So glad my human and feline children are thriving and well..

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