Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What the hail?!

Green leaf confetti in the square foot garden this morning.. After the sun came out most of the plants straightened up, but they looked pretty pathetic at first.

Luckily the new 6 week old chicks snuggled in for the night and awoke unfazed by the storm. I couldn't help myself and got a variety. Ruby the elder has become jealous and has tried to peck at them so I am keeping them separate. I'm building a new little coop (for the new gals to use overnight)- love using  my powertools! I'll post pics of the coop tomorrow..

This gal is either a Coockoo Maran or Silver Wyandotte (I got one of each and they look similar as chicks). I loosened the top of the cardboard box in the car as I was driving and she popped up into my lap. Maybe I'll call her Lightning McQueen..

I call this gal Houdini. She's a Speckled Sussex and escaped the tractor yesterday until I reinforced the hardware cloth. It took me 20 minutes to catch her..

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